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What MMO are you going to play next?

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ChangeAgent said...
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I guess I never considered I should ask all my gamerDNA friends what they are looking forward to... I am tracking three main MMOs right now that I will definitely try:

1. Star Trek Online - I mean, it is star trek!
2. Jumpgate Evolution - Looks like Freelancer in MMO form
3. Global Agenda - MMOFPS FTW

I know many of you play the "usual" stuff... like WoW... and...uh... WoW.... but where is your head at with the future?

I know some of you don't play MMOs... hey maybe you could start right? :)
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I'm really not a fan of MMO's. Granted, I've never actually tried playing one for more than a few hours. However, I wouldn't mind playing the Star Trek one. And isn't The Old Republic going to be an MMO as well? That has a lot of my interest.
I don't play MMO's someone give me a good one to check out
All 3, for a month at least. I want more micro transaction mmo's
WoW is the game that I find I come back to once and a while.
...but to answer the original question, I'm most interested in the new Star Wars MMO from Bioware.
I have thought about giving WoW a shot but I'm scared I'll be sucked in lol
Global Agenda - because I saw FPS in there.

otherwise, I'm waiting for the Champions Online

Champions Online, The Secret World, the 38 Studios MMO, The Agency, whatever Carbine Studios is making, Star Wars the Old Republic, Huxley
I'm still waiting to see what happens with Darkfall ... if it ever actually becomes something. Mainly just cause I loved shadowbane and want something like it. Though I haven't really followed it too closely...just heard it's supposed to be similar.

Other than that, I'm mostly just looking forward to Guild Wars 2.
Honestly, a few years ago, I thought about going to Stargate Worlds. That seems that it is NEVER going to launch. There's something about Star Trek Online, but I think after I finally grow utterly tired of WoW, I just might leave the MMO genre again.

Although, and to beat a dead horse, I would almost go for a World War II MMO but a FPS. You sign on, join a unit, the unit plays a campaign. Campaign influences how the war actually turns out. There was a site/tourney that did this for Day of Defeat way back in the day, but I'd still probably be interested in it.
If anything I'll go back to playing Medievia =P I hate graphical MMOs, MUDs FTW!
Not looking forward to any of them. I don't care for MMO's.
I'm excited for Free Realms to be fully released. I'm playing in the beta and adore it. It's a breath of fresh air in the MMO scene, to me.

Other than that, I'm intrigued by Old Republic.
I really haven't looked into any MMO's lately. I really don't have the time/dedication to play them anymore. Not since *sniff sniff* Runescape </3
I'll start up Warhammer Online again this summer and that'll be it for MMO's for me...unless Champions Online looks really good..I did like City of Heroes/Villains..but yeah, more WAR with my Witch Hunter! Krush the Khemri and all that.
Would love to try out Star Trek Online but I am a-feared of MMOs. I got sucked in for a few years with text based MUDs, still own and run one. I can't imagine what would happen if I were to play WOW or any other graphic MMO. I might drop off the face of the living and become a gaming zombie! Besides, right now I barely have time for "normal" gaming, MMOs take too much time for me to participate right.
Give me a Halo MMO, and i'll play. Or a real Fable MMO.
Star Trek Online, Stargate Worlds are the ones I'll play untill then its my favourite WoW private server which is getting annoying because i lack other thigns to do >_>
I played City of Heroes when it came out, but that is my experience. I tried a trial of WoW, but never could get into it. I guess I would like to try a console MMO, but I'm not sure when that will happen.
@AZPuck98 Its pretty hardcore, the learning curve is hard, and the graphics are pretty dated, but you should definitely checkout World War II Online: Battleground Europe:

I played it for over 2 years, and I have never had such a great FPS MMO experience.

@kittychix yes a Halo MMO or even an awesome card battle system would be my downfall. Halo because it would be an MMOFPS with vehicles, and that would epic (mmmm Planetstorm). Also I am guessing Halo would be almost all PvP with some online map feature. I am sold, get Bungie on it.
As for ChangeAgent's question, I'm a sucker for MMOs. I'll try just about anything for the free month. But the ones that I suspect will really suck me in are Star Trek Online, and even moreso, Star Wars Old Republic. If I had my way, they would release a year apart, so that i can enjoy both of them. But knowing my luck, they will both launch on the same day and I'll have to choose.

One MMO that I played a bit, but left, and have heard nothing but good things about since then was Lord of the Rings Online
I've tried a few MMO's but none have ever really pulled me in. I wind up dropping a hundo and play for like 4 hours. I think part of the problem is that I always seem to miss the zeitgeist at the beginning and jump in when the train has left the station.

I still really want that MMO experience though. Maybe I'm just not wired that wway but I'm still going to try. Going to take ChangeAgent advice ont he next one though. Jumgate and global agenda sound like real possibility's for me.
Dunno if it qualifies as an MMO but I am awaiting the new Magic the Gathering for the Xbox 360
Nothing appeals. Maybe I'll check out Darkfall, because even with serious nerfing it's still something different. The parade of co-branded MMOs is amusing. Where's my Spongebob MMO? Seinfeld Online? These people have no vision, beyond "fat market share" and "keep it fast paced". The games lineup is pretty weak, so I'm anticipating getting a CoV villain to level 50 this year, just for something to do with friends.
I've been avoiding all MMOs, am fairly tempted by the Stargate RPG (if it's ever finished) but if they release a Firefly MMORPG (has been rumored but not confirmed) I would not be able to resist.
Unfortunately the Firefly MMO was put on hiatus by the company that was making it, in favor of a Buffy MMO that they're building for the PC and for phones.
My next MMO will probably be Jumpgate: Evolution. Stargate if they ever finish it (Must play a Jaffa, and hunt down all the SG-1 clones).
not really an MMO guy, i like my FPS
i concur with SoulAssassin... but that last one you listed sounds interesting (Global Agenda) sounds interesting. I'll have to take a better look at that one.
After playing WOW and Wathammer online I think I shall avoid MMOs for a while >.< they take way to much of my time
Huxley. Does it count? I know it's an MMOFPS, but I am excited.
@porschephiliac Of course an MMOFPS counts! :) That is why I am looking forward to Global Agenda...
There is no MMO other than Lotro that really entices me. I occasionally go back to Ragnarok Online, and the new Wakfu MMO looks cool but I wouldn't pay to play it.

I'm waiting for the long lost and dead True Fantasy Live to spring up out of nowhere.
@kanashi Than you should log out and check out the homepage. It's kind a pretty spiffy skin right now that I think you'll enjoy.
@colliny2k I'm not able to log out correctly and view it, send me a link to a screenshot?
I almost picked up WoW yesterday, still thinking about getting into it not sure if I have the time.
I'm going to do Jumpgate. I was a fan of the original for quite awhile and I like netDevils work. I was one of the five people who enjoyed Auto Assault. I hope a Warhammer 40k MMO actually materializes eventually. If I could take a Tabula Rasa style feel and throw it into the WH40k universe I'd be in heaven.
Earthrise FTW! Its gonna be better than Fallout 3 and its online! What else could i possibly wish for (well except my own house, 2-3 kids and not to get a cancer)?
Hehe. I have a 3-y/o daughter and a casual gamer wife. I'm subscribing to Free Realms and getting me some collectible cards.
Star Wars Old Republic, Guild Wars 2, and any upcoming free mmo that is a top notch like c9.
I plan on playing Star Wars: Old Republic when it comes out.
I'd like to say "Star Trek Online" because it's the coming one I find most compelling, but realistically "Champions Online" will likely be released first. Note I said "released first" not "ready first". I'm not convinced they've learned the lessons of Tabula Rasa, or even City of Heroes.
I've played nearly every MMO under the sun and I'm waiting for DC Universe. I may play Champions.
Oh yeah! I totally forgot about DC Universe!

I'm totally pumped for that as well!
EVE-online, ever and forever... Even if sometimes it's a bit boring to live in a hole... you still can scan a way out :)
Huxley, Global Agenda, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Star Trek Online, Champions Online, DC Universe, Guild Wars 2. Until then, it's LOTRO for me!
When it finally gets launched.... GW2 is gona kick ass, with no monthly subscription, presistent world, open pvp, really good gfx oh and did i mention NO MONTHLY FEE.
Next MMO I plan on playing is definitely AION: The Tower of Eternity. It looks pretty damn amazing, and its running on a modified version of the Crytek engine. I'll also give SW: The Old Republic a chance when it comes around, since Bioware consistently releases great games.
They're all a bit samey at endof the day aint they? :( Will try Star Trek, maybe Jumpgate but doubt it will have any real meat to it.
Dunno just none in develpment that have any real wow factor (no pun intended) :)
After playing Final Fantasy XI for nearly 4 years (sad? I know, right?), I recently decided it was time to quit. Whether or not I can actually stay away from the game permantantly,... well only time will tell I suppose. That being said, and to answer the original question - because I was so completely sucked into FF, I don't think I will ever pick up another MMO. Maybe I'll go outside and see whats so great about this so-called "sun." Hmm....
Don't do it! The Sun can give you cancer! IT'S A TRAP!
I'm excited about Huxley myself :)
I cant wait till Diablo 3 comes out; loved WoW but i was too young too play Diablo 2 and Warcraft
I'm playing Kingdom Of Loathing. That's the only MMO i'm going to play.
I think that my next MMO will be Warhammer or some heavy pvp based MM0. I would have loved Ultima Online but at the time they didn't have Mac support. I don't know if they have it now.
Right now i'm playing LotRO and Guild Wars. I've tried WoW and it frustrates me. City of Heroes was alright, but became boring. I wouldn't mind the Star Wars MMO...heck, Age of Conan just may gain in popularity again!!!!
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