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Split/Second looks fun

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ChangeAgent said...
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Was watching G4TV last night (recorded the E3 coverage looking for my gamerDNA peeps in the background... no dice)... and the coverage of the Split/Second game play came up. It is a semi-destructive action racing title. I saw a lot of things to like.

1. Destroying/controlling the environment while racing seems pretty awesome.
2. No HUD on the screen, instead on the back of the car... is also awesome.
3. The graphics and sense of speed had me excited.

I will definitely have to check this out... too late the release is early next year... seems like forever away.

Some video coverage:
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Oooh, that does look nice. This gameplay video gives me a better sense of what the game is like than the trailer did, which actually didn't even make me remember the title.

Whomever is driving here is doing about as bad a job as I would. :) Also I was disappointed to see the car wasn't wrecked when the ceiling collapsed on top of it around π minutes. Hopefully a bug they'll fix.
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