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Replaced my Xbox last night

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ChangeAgent said...
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I couldn't handle not having access to my Xbox for more than a day. :) So I went and picked up an Arcade model... everything switched over and I was up and running. Funny thing was, it came with a bunch of arcade games that I had never bought... so I found myself playing through Feeding Frenzy and a little Pac Man championship edition. That sort of ate up my night and didn't leave much room for Trials HD.... but I did get a little time in.

Only bummer about the arcade model is that it doesn't have the chrome disc tray like my Pro model did... maybe I can swap that out?
Pac-Man: Championship Edition

Pac-Man: Championship Edition (X360)

Genre/Style: Action/Maze
Release Date: 06/JUN/07
Feeding Frenzy

Feeding Frenzy (X360)

Genre/Style: Action/2D Action
Release Date: 15/MAR/06
Trials HD

Trials HD (X360)

Release Date: 12/AUG/09
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nice to here that you're back in the saddle.
That little lining should be easily removable... I accidentally took mine off last time... give it a whirl on the busted 360 first obv lol…
You junky! Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Yeah - my 360 red ringed and then it was more than 3 weeks of no Xbox. The PC got some use in that time but it certainly felt like a long time to go without it.

I played Trials HD last night and my only objective was to beat all of Fatty's scores. Not an easy task, and in some cases I didn;t come even close! A goo time was had by all... or - me :)
"Good" time that is. A "Goo" time is something entirely different.
@alphadoque I think I actually beat one of your scores at one point... got super lucky on something and was like "WHOA"
@ChangeAgent Damn you! You better believe I'll be checking into that tonight my friend.
Glad to hear you've got an Xbox to keep you entertained again now ;)
I remember shortly after Mass Effect came out, my 360 started giving me disc read errors and prevented me from playing the game anymore. I was already hooked but it was late at night, the night before Thanksgiving. I rushed over to Walmart, and just as they were closing I begged the lady to let me in and I dropped.. I don't even remember, $350 or however much the Halo edition 360 cost. That's what I'm using now.

And my other 360 basically fixed itself. My brother uses it now. XD
Yeah it is amazing what we will do to get our fix. I really haven't been playing my Xbox a ton lately... but when it RRoD'd on me... all I could think about was getting it back! :)
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