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Jumpgate is almost here!

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ChangeAgent said...
  • excited
Looking forward to it. Who's with me?
Jumpgate Evolution

Jumpgate Evolution (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 10/FEB/10
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Hmm looks cool. Doubt I will be able to run it but I'll check into it.
Went to the official site, watched the teaser, and signed up to be a tester.
The trailer makes it look more exciting than EVE, which seemed too much like the opposite for me during my one evening trial.
I'll at least check it out..the game is much more real-time, arcadey, instant fun than EVE. Got to played it briefly at PAX
That's good to hear; I should indeed try the game.
I really didn't give EVE a fair chance, and it's not like I dislike slower, more strategic games, but Jumpgate still sounds more attractive.
When I think space, by default I think of battles like in the X-Wing series.
For me, I am looking for an MMO that playes like Freelancer did...
@QforQ is that how it plays? Or at least similar?
I'm still waiting for that MMO that pulls me in. I'm hopeful with this one. I think I'll wait until youplay and get your opinion before I sink another $100 into an MMO I might not get much out of. I like the sound of "instantly fun".
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