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If I had the time, I would still play Space Quest

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ChangeAgent said...
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A part of me wants to buy this... $20 for the entire Space Quest collection. Those games were so formative for me. If I had the time to play them, I might, but I have Beneath a Steel Sky on my computer and haven't even booted it. So it doesn't bode well for adventure games.
Beneath a Steel Sky

Beneath a Steel Sky (PC)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Third-Person Graphic Adventure
Release Date:
Space Quest Collection

Space Quest Collection (PC)

Genre/Style: Adventure/First-Person Graphic Adventure
Release Date: 26/SEP/06
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The Space Quest theme is my ringtone! :)

Like you, I got Beneath a Steel Sky (downloaded from GOG), but never even started it.
I remember playing the beginning of it when it was still new, and it seemed like a fun enough game.
Maybe I should install it on my work laptop, play it during my lunch break.

Adventure games were my favourite genre back when the name Sierra still meant something, though I quickly became a big LucasArts adventures fan as well.
Yeah they were mine too... right up until Dark Forces came out and then I made a big leap over to FPS actually... before adventure games was Wing Commander and other simulators.
Interesting how you went from adventures to FPSs, which one might consider to be on opposite ends of the genre spectrum. :) I did the same though, only it was Wolfenstein 3D that got me into FPSs, then: Doom, D2, Duke Nukem 3D, Unreal Tournament, its sequels, as well as other games that came along, to a lesser degree. I only ever played the demo for Dark Forces, but I played, liked, and sucked at the X-Wing series. :)
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