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Did you play every day in April? Did you go totally green?

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ChangeAgent said...
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April is officially the first month (since I started working at gamerDNA) that I have managed to play a game every single day... my calendar was green across the board.

I typically played web-based games... Warstorm... W.W.II (Games by email)... some PSP (Ace Combat), some DS (Curious Village)... and a few Xbox sessions... Outrun, Rock Band...

A pretty diverse month for me actually. Before I started at gamerDNA, my entire gaming universe consisted of the Xbox 360 with a few MMO hours thrown in here and there... after spending day in and day out building this site and looking at the data... seeing the diversity of things people are playing... it has caused me to be much more aware of the broad amounts of awesome content out there... there are so many secret little gems.

So I ask all of you, how did your gaming month of April go? What hidden gems did you find?

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While my calendar isn't 100% green, I think it would be if I filled in all my W.W.II (GamesByEmail) gameplay. Darn close regardless.
I'm totaly green across April (waiting for yesterday to update) but all I play is XboX360 maybe i should explore more games and platforms.
I wish I could! I did nail every weekend which is pretty good lately. I'm not complaining...too many people out there are "all green" cause they are out of work.
I did play my Xbox 360 everyday despite a few missing days. Don't know why don't show up as playing as I was logged in to Xbox Live each time. You gotta love technology when it doesn't work.
April started out pretty good for me. It was my vigilance in trying to beat Bioshock so I could move on to another game. Once I did beat it though I lost some steam :(

Maybe May is my month! I've got some good games lined up. Mass Effect, Mirror's Edge, Fallout3 and there are now some amazing games for the iPhone I might rock while I commute. That could definitely put some green on my calendar!
I am 100% green Though no doubt W.W.II saved my ass on a few days. I'd say on any given day I have aobut a 75% chance of playing more than one game too! GO GREEN!
I'm afraid I couldn't. I had about 2.5 weeks, there, where work was officially barking mad. There was no way I could play every day. Plus, I'll admit that I don't game much at all over the weekends.
I don't have the kind of time it takes to game every day. Although I did get a good 2/3 of the month if I include games from my cell phone played while waiting.
I'll freely admit the answer is NO, I did not go fully green in April. Decided on projects over play time (usually its the other way around), although I did get some game time. Kinda using games as a 'reward' system for getting things done, so if I didn't play, I didn't get anything done/finished.

I need to be more motivated it seems.
I'm 100% green in truth, but I'm not sure that gamerDNA picks up on most of my play activity. I know I played every day because all my "sporadic gameplay" web games like Nile Online and Skyrates practically demand it.

I've started designing my own game of that style for Facebook, and ironically, it's only now (that is, toward the end of the month) that I'm losing steam on these daily web games. They're great, but I'm looking for something MORE now, I think.

Hopefully I'll find a few more gems in May.
Not I... alot more than March perhaps, but certainly not up to my normal every day habits, and even if Syn comes back I won't be back to the "every day" numbers.
Sucks, but thats the way the cookie crumbles I guess...
I did log into City of Heroes every day in April, though I didn't actually PLAY the game ever time. A few times, I just went to Wentworths to prepare a toon for later play, and I spent a lot of time in the new Architect Entertainment building, working on new story arcs. I usually don't bother to enter my gameplays, though. I'm using the feature only when I have something significant to say. By the way, if you play CoH, you must try my AE mission, Monkey Business.
First of all, congratulations to the people who did go green in April. :)

I didn't have enough time, or when I did, I simply didn't feel like gaming everyday. Playing the browser game Legends of Zork definitely helped turn most of my calendar green. It still takes a few minutes, especially since I rolled two characters, but it's a lot less than a "regular" game session. I see I started April of with an 8 day streak, so that's something. I'm sure I'll get a completely green month sooner or later. Maybe I should start today and go for May...

I didn't discover any gems in April, but I'll be sure to advertise any games I like through game activities/posts. :)
I missed one day! The 11th.
missed 7 days
I'll be back to more gaming soon. So much to do, so little gaming sadly.
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