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Adventure games that don't tell you what to do

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ChangeAgent said...
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We were talking about the merits of adventure games at work... Trace Memory came up for me because I played this a bit... but it didn't do a good enough job (for me) on setting the boundaries of where you had to go to find the answers to the puzzles... So this led to a discussion about game design and how you set limits in adventure/puzzle games but yet still give the gamer enough flexibility to feel like solving the problem is not easy.

I guess that is why game designers make the big bucks! :)
Trace Memory

Trace Memory (DS)

Genre/Style: Adventure/First-Person Graphic Adventure
Release Date: 26/SEP/05
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Hmm that's a paradox strong enough blow Bender's brain. So true though, I mean imagine Fallout 3 starting, and instead of the whole tutorial and birthday party you just start. You are a teenager in the vault, and you can choose to keep doing tasks over and over and over within the vault or decide you want to leave. Imagine how many people would hate the game because they wasted 3 hours doing mindless vault chores.

On the other hand someone could get outraged that they left the vault and didn't get a pip-boy. Now they are wandering the wasteland with absolutely no purpose, or guidance.

I mean this might be a pretty cool concept. I might actually like playing a game like this. You just do whatever you want. It would add awesome replay value since depending on your decisions the first time around you could assault the game completely different.
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