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ChangeAgent's gameplay for Warstorm (WEB)

ChangeAgent played Warstorm

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ChangeAgent said...
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I am starting to understand how to use the dragons a bit. Having some flying power scattered in is really helpful in many situations. Seems good to have a few in your deck as balance against non-archery or non area of attack decks. Elves can be tough because they throw so much spam out with zaps and such.

So yeah... digging the dragons as I figure out how to use them.

Warstorm (WEB)

Genre/Style: Unknown/Unknown
Release Date: 05/NOV/08
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Yeah it seems the balanced decks seem to do well, as people are playing a bit of a meta game right now around flying/archery and protect. Immune is still strong, and some of the magic got a nice bump in power. Overall good set, looking forward to ordered squad play more then anything.
Yeah I agree that ordered squad is going to be a game changer... in a good way... because you can use more targeted decks... adding an element of predictability to it should be fun to see how it evolves the game. I actually think it will make orcs a bit weaker... because you can come up with high damage schemes to defeat their slowness I think. Or maybe not... maybe we will just get more screwed by orcs. :)
So there seems to be a bug with leagues right now, where cards always come out in the same order. So I spent a ton of time tweaking 2 Squads after each match trying to get stuff to come out in a better order. I didn't win many more matches, but its fun tweaking and trying. It did feel like a different game, so the patch they include that will have me playing a lot more matches.

I am going to be like an MMO gamer and say the devs must play orcs, they just get all the coolest toys =)
I just wish I could look in the minds of the designers... cause I just don't get the huge Orc advantage... I mean my T6/T7 heavy undead deck which is pretty damn awesome still gets worked by T2,T3,T4 Orc decks.
I think its just a design issue, They group the wrong abilities giving them rush as well as high stats , bezerk and explode. The other thing is they can use any item, giving huge heal and other advantages where undead is heavy on the spells with the good heroes.

I like what they are doing with faction specific items and spells, giving humans more block, elves more zap/traip, demons more burnination... Its just hard to counter to speed in Warstorm, and the orcs have it.
Yeah I think you are right... the speed is a killer... the demon's have some rush... but what comes out doesn't seem to last very long... I want to try and build a 6s demon deck next... i think that could play really fun with a combination of speed, ice armor, flying, and immune.
demons are just slow. Burning is fun, but slow, its just one extra damage a turn after they attack. I wish fire would stack. The burn spell is fun, but usually everyone is always on fire, and its negated by healing or time. Its like demons need one more ability like blink, where there is a chance they avoid an attack and switch order on the board. Give them a bit more randomness. Having your squad shuffle around could be really powerful
hmmm skip... call it DODGE... and change order... that is fun... but could also suck if you change order into a huge attack... but I like those ideas.... I like the dodge idea... the opposite of death aura.
as much time as you play warstorm, you must own at least half the company by now right?
Ha no way, I don't spend NEARLY as much as the top players do... not even close.
Change and I should pool our uberness into one awesome player, like the voltron of Warstorm.
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