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ChangeAgent's gameplay for The Lord of the Rings: Conquest (X360)

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ChangeAgent said...
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Got past Mines of Moria... that was a battle... damn trolls...

In other news though... was playing the level after that... not a goot LOTR lore guy so don't remember the spelling of it... but it has one of those escort missions where you have to prevent Frodo from getting taken... which... is... annoying.

Seems like anytime they want to ramp up the difficulty these games give you an AI character that can't die but insists on charging ahead alone without any protection. So I got frustrated and shut it off....

So, I hope it isn't too frustrating. I guess I could always turn down the difficulty. I am really on this ride for the story... not really some crazy all out challenge.
The Lord of the Rings: Conquest

The Lord of the Rings: Conquest (X360)

Genre/Style: Action/Third-person 3D Action
Release Date: 13/JAN/09
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Escort quests are the bane of my existence. I hate them with a passion and, if I can skip them, I always do. Invariably, the AI is dumb as dirt and will charge ahead and either get themselves killed or drag back half the world onto you to fight.
This is the LOTR title that's supposed to be similar to that Star Wars series, right? The really bad announcers voice really killed the enjoyment of watching a playthrough of the game, and the game just feels extremely shallow, simplistic, and overall far too repetitive.
Yeah it is the same people that do the Star Wars Battlefront games... you have to sort of dig that mechanic... they are repetitive... but the lore and environments can be pretty fun to play in. I don't claim it is an awesome game... that is why I waited for MONTHS until it was super cheap as a used copy.

But if you like the Battlefront games you will feel right at home in this.
@ChangeAgent You don't really seem to learn that much about the actual lore from the game at all actually. And the environments feel EXTREMELY cramped and way too straightforward.
Well considering I don't know much at all, it is just fun to live the story... to play the various areas.... There is definitely a linear quality to the maps... but I think they are pretty cool. :)
@ChangeAgent What's more, the environments seem to have the detail of a PS1 title. Seriously, what the heck is so nice about the environments?

To me, it's a crappy game that requires you to know the source material, or you won't be able to fill in the extreme blanks the game has, and even then, it just really isn't fun.
...dude why do you care? I like the game. I enjoy it... I'm not asking you to enjoy it :)
@ChangeAgent I'm just trying to understand what you really like about the game that truly makes it worth playing, especially compared to a lot of good LOTR titles out there.
What I like:

1. Made by Pandemic (Battlefield style)
2. You get to play LOTR characters
3. $17

Not much more than that!

I can't really argue with no 1. But there are a lot of good LOTR titles that you can get for under $20, and even more great titles that go for waaaaaaaaaay less.
I don't deny that, but you act like it is a zero-sum game. This isn't the only game I will ever buy :)
@ChangeAgent No, I'm acting like there are so many better, underrated titles out there that are worth your money.
But you know, this isn't going anywhere. I thought I could help you, but when I think about this, I've been with this situation in reversed roles. Hope that when you get to the end of the game, you end up really regretting the purchase.

I wish you well.
What I don't get is why you wish me ill...

"Hi there, you don't know me but I hope you have a terrible time."

LOL, thanks for that.
@ChangeAgent I never wished you ill. I simply wanted to change your mind, and be a little more choosy in your next purchases.
Ok deal. The next time I am in Gamestop, I will ask, "I wonder what Fallout2Forever would buy."

The answer is quite obvious actually.... Fallout 2.

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