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ChangeAgent's gameplay for Tank Universal (PC)

ChangeAgent played Tank Universal

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ChangeAgent said...
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Ok so I grabbed the demo of this... because it looked like Tron and I was like "Hey I liked Tron"... so I grabbed the demo... played it for about 2 hours... so I figured hey... that is worth $10... so I bought the game off Steam.

I loaded it up today at dinner... it had a really slow start where they introduce you to the game with all this walking around... but then I got in my tank and the awesome resumed.

I find that I really like tank games... the physics of arching shots are awesome. I always liked playing tanks in BF 1942 and such as well... so I dig this game. Fun. Not for everyone because of the ancient graphics... but it is quirky enough to work for me.
Tank Universal

Tank Universal (PC)

Release Date: 21/OCT/08
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