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ChangeAgent's gameplay for PlanetSide (PC)

ChangeAgent played PlanetSide

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ChangeAgent said...
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Installed Planetside again. Took a little work to get it running on my Windows 7 laptop... Why did I install it?

Heard about Planetside 2 coming... they are down to one server... thought it would be fun to experience game play from a simpler time in my life. Planetside really was a pivotal game for me... it is great how the music and everything bring back so many memories.

My Character is still there, Battle Rank 20... I guess they raised the BR to 40 now. So at least if I play I can level! :) Can't say I will play a ton... but plan to give it a go when I get a chance. Trouble is I have to re-spec and I don't remember all the skills I use to use... so I will probably start simple as a combat engineer driving AMSs again... and then learn as I go.

Funny to be BattleRank 20 and feel like a total n00b again.

PlanetSide (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 19/MAY/03
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