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ChangeAgent's gameplay for NFL Tour (X360)

ChangeAgent played NFL Tour

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ChangeAgent said...
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I tried a few new games from GameFly... NFL Tour is ok... but man... football games just tick me off in general because I feel like I have no control over what is happening... for instance I completely small them on defense for 3 plays and then it is 4th and 12 and they MAKE IT... I mean come on! There just seems to be no consistency in what I can or can't control on the field. I have always felt that way about football games... too much AI in use.

As for Blacksite, Area 51, I like what I have played so far... enough to keep playing it.

I am still on the gamefly 3-game plan... I think I need to scale that back... I have way too many games piled up here.
NFL Tour

NFL Tour (X360)

Genre/Style: Sports/Football (American)
Release Date: 08/JAN/08
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