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ChangeAgent's gameplay for Mafia Wars (PC)

ChangeAgent played Mafia Wars

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ChangeAgent said...
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My aunt got me trying out Mafia Wars... She is level 250 or something... and plays it every day. So I figured I needed to see what all the crazy is about. I am level 12 right now... dropped $10 so that I could add more energy to boost up a little higher.

All of these games are the same... but for an achiever like myself, they are perfectly addicting in all the right ways. :)
Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Role-playing
Release Date: 01/JAN/09
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My wife is so addicted to facebook and all the little games that go on along with it. lol She keeps trying to get me to make an account "you'll be able to contact people that you went to school with" and stuff like that. She doesn't believe me when I say I don't want to contact anyone from school. She's heavily into Mafia Wars - I'm thinking that's the real reason she wants me to get into facebook. Can't remember the other games she plays, but the harvesting thing sounds familiar and there's some kind of baking thing and Vampire Wars.
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