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ChangeAgent's gameplay for Clover (X360)

ChangeAgent played Clover

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ChangeAgent said...
  • happy
  • Completed
Finished up Clover last night... clocked in at 1 hour and 54 minutes. Worth the 400 ms points to support indie development in my opinion. Not to spoil anything, but a bit of a cliff hanger ending. :)

There was one part where I was seriously stuck and didn't pick up on how to get past it. Had to go to the xbox forums to see if I was missing something easy (and I was).... after that, pretty straight forward.

I am wondering if I should play it again... I haven't looked to see if there are alternate endings... there were LOTS of items I feel like I didn't use at all.

If you are interested in a spoiler conversation, feel free to PM me about your ending.. just curious if mine was different.
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So I'm going to have to look into this game. Sounds interesting. Just a quick question, does gDNA pick up on community created games, or do I have to manually add them?
You have to manually add them. They don't appear in your gamercard, so we can't see them in our API from Microsoft.
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