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ChangeAgent's gameplay for Clover (X360)

ChangeAgent played Clover

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ChangeAgent said...
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I was intrigued by some friends talking about Clover (which is an Xbox 360 community title) on Twitter... and the art style looked interesting. I grabbed the demo, and in the end, bought this to support the creative talent that built it.

The game is peaceful... an adventure style game where you use various items scattered around in the correct places in the correct order to advance the story.

I really enjoy what I have played so far... not sure how fare through I am... but I recommend it to anyone looking for something a bit different... plays slow and relaxing.

I recommend grabbing the demo from the XBLA community games.

Anyone else play it? Thoughts?
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I haven't yet played it, but I'm gonna check it out for sure now. I've been wanting to find a nice, relaxing game to play. Awesome man.
It's good to hear the quality level is stepping up on community games. I love the idea...but when I first checked it out, I was a bit underwhelmed--and haven't been back since
haven't played yet but will check it out on your suggestion.
hmm.. never heard of it. I'll check it out too! I was already pleased with my previous community title: Fireplace
Haven't checked it out Either. But just queued it for download. If you want to do the same, CLICK HERE.
@ChangeAgent thanks for the heads up..pretty cool game..was it just me or did the music sound like those old Charlie Brown Thanksgiving/ Christmas specials 8^) @fattychubs thanks for letting me know you can Que downloads Demos remotely, call me a n00b but I never knew, learn something new everyday I quess..
intriguing, i will have to check it out.

thanks for the nudge :-)
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