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ChangeAgent played Battleswarm: Field of Honor

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ChangeAgent said...
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Tried out Battleswarm with Wormy. He was playing the RTS bug army and I was playing one of 5 FPS soldiers... You get 1000 free points to spend on equipment and such when you sign in... so I got a chain gun and some armor.

The first time wormy didn't know what he was doing (and had a partner who didn't seem to know either, so we dominated.

The next time he matched with a much better player and they took us down. I think the issue was I didn't have enough firepower (grenade launcher or something) to take down the big brute bugs... so I was easily distracted.

It gets pretty chaotic and the hit zones around your player seem strange... I find myself getting stuck trying to go around corners and such. But the game seems pretty interesting. Good for a goof at least. I can see myself going back and experimenting some more.
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thanks for the description!
current phase of the beta closes tonight/tomorrow morning per the website. get a game in for me ;) maybe i can jump onboard next go around
Yeah not sure I am going to get a game in... with the new launch things are pretty crazy and I have to get caught up on tons of other stuff... if I do game... it will be in short unpredictable spurts...

Who am I kidding... that is how my gaming always is these days. :)
super busy, g'luck with everything!
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