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ChangeAgent's gameplay for 1942: Joint Strike (X360)

ChangeAgent earned achievements in 1942: Joint Strike

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ChangeAgent said...
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I fired up a new XBLA title last night... 1942: Joint Strike... it was some SHMUP goodness... I love these types of games. I wanted to play co-op with a friend, but no one on my friend list has the game... so I jumped into match making. I wanted to hook up with someone with voice so we could coordinate better... but I ended up having to settle for someone with no voice turned on.

Unfortunately, I freaking died right before we completed the third level... no continues... so I didn't get the 3 level coop achievement. It was lame. I will have to try it again.
1942: Joint Strike

1942: Joint Strike (X360)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Vertical Scrolling Shooter
Release Date: 23/JUL/08
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